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A Html5 Android app for reading the bible

Heb12 Mobile

Heb12 Mobile is a free mobile open-sourced app for reading the bible. It currently features 4 translations (soon to be more) and a clean, simple, and efficient GUI.

The app originally started on May 2nd, 2018 as a simple demo in MIT’s App Inventor. It was later re-written in Html5 so it could be fast and easy to modify. Heb12 Mobile will launch sometime in late February or March.



  1. Extract the latest file from prerelease
  2. Send the .apk file to your device
  3. Install it and follow the instructions to turn on storage permissions

Building and Editing

Please refer to the wiki page.

Testing Online

Make sure you resize the window because it will look wierd on a desktop.

Online Demo: